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Your dentist can sometimes use a dental filling to effectively treat a single surface cavity or a minor physical defect that is limited to the tooth’s enamel layer. If you sometimes forget to brush your teeth twice a day or neglect to floss, the acids in your mouth could gradually start to weaken the bond holding a filling in place.

If you have noticed a problem with one of your teeth, you should call 928-634-5566 to have it examined at Dr. Bruce Westover. If our dentist Dr. Bruce Westover has concerns about the size of the dental filling or the affected tooth, he might recommend a dental crown restoration.

This treatment plan often requires two appointments to effectively replace the entire tooth enamel layer with an alternative dental material. The dentist will start by removing any existing tooth enamel, as well as the distressed dental filling. This leaves behind the dentin layer of your tooth.  A detailed impression of the tooth will then be made and the dentist will place a secures a temporary crown. The impression will be sent to a dental lab where your crown will be created. During your second appointment, the dentist will cement the crown directly onto your tooth with a special dental adhesive.

If you live in Cottonwood, Arizona, and you have a distressed tooth, you shouldn’t delay in calling 928-634-5566 to have it treated at Dr. Bruce Westover.