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The complete and partial dentures created by the dental specialists at Dr. Bruce Westover’s clinic are always designed to fit firmly with the underlying periodontal structure. Some partial dentures also include small hardware elements to help anchor them with the adjacent teeth.

Yet many denture wearers also appreciate a little denture adhesive to help hold the denture in place. Not only will this help lock the removable dental appliance in place it can also help prevent irritation from food particles that invade the base near the gums.

As the day goes on a little bit of food material might still manage to work its way onto the base of your denture you should rinse it away. After drying the dental appliance with a clean paper towel, you can then apply a small line of fresh adhesive.

When you take your denture out each night, you will need to give it a thorough cleaning. This involves a vigorous rinse under running water and light brushing with nonabrasive toothpaste. Once it is clean you should soak your dentures in water before storing it someplace safe.

If you are in the Cottonwood, Arizona area and you have concerns about how to clean and maintain your complete or partial denture you can always call 928-634-5566 to speak to a member of Dr. Bruce Westover’s staff.