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Do you or one of your children play a collision sport? Collision sports involve abundant hits and blows to the body and can be very dangerous for your teeth. They may be knocked out of alignment when they are hit with a forceful impact, which can be very painful and could sustain a severe oral injury. We know that you love your sport, and we don’t want you to quit out of fear of a dental injury, so the good news is that there is another option: a mouthguard.

A mouthguard is a curved and plastic device used in sports to prevent injuries to the mouth. It fits over all the teeth in order to secure them in place. Mouthguards can prevent fractured crowns or bridgework, chipped or broken teeth, root damage, and lip or cheek injuries.

Many sports such as hockey, boxing, football, and rugby require a mouthguard for play which is dentally beneficent. Other sports like soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, and volleyball don’t seem to have abundant physical contact, but we would still highly recommend using a mouthguard. Adults and children playing sports without mandatory mouthguards may want to consider wearing one anyway. Otherwise, they may experience heavy oral trauma.

Along with a variety of other dental products, the American Dental Association (the ADA) studies the efficiency of retail mouthguards. The only mouthguard on the retail market that has been given the ADA Seal of Acceptance is the CustMbite Athletic Mouthguard. This mouthguard can be customarily formed to an individual’s teeth, keeping it snugly secure.

Our specialists at Dr. Bruce Westover want you to keep passionately playing your sport. So keep running, hitting, shooting, and scoring, but remember to always wear a mouthguard.