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When you receive full dentures at our office to repair significant tooth loss, your appliance is designed to fit your natural gum structure for a sturdy grip. However, over time, a condition known as oral atrophy causes the underlying bone to change, altering the fit of your dentures. We recommend applying denture adhesive to improve the grip of your dentures and help them withstand your mouth changes so they do not become loose.

Applying denture adhesive every day gives your dentures a boost and helps them remain securely attached to your mouth by giving them a better grip on your gums. Adhesive also seals the dentures to your gums to prevent food particles from building up under the denture base. You can reapply as needed throughout the day by carrying denture adhesive around wherever you go when you leave the house.

When it’s time to sleep, remove your dentures and clean off any remaining adhesive by giving them a good brushing before soaking your appliance in a solution for the night. Denture adhesive can adhere much better to a clean denture base, enhancing the fit and feel of your dentures during the day.

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