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Oral cancer is a threat on anyone’s smile. That is why, our team here at Dr. Bruce Westover in Cottonwood, Arizona, wants to provide you with a basic understanding of oral cancer and the importance of having it addressed quickly. Oral cancer is a serious threat, and if ignored, can be fatal.                   

Oral cancer can appear on your cheeks, lips, gums, tongue, the floor or roof of your mouth, and even the throat. What many people may not truly realize is, your six-month checkup includes a basic oral cancer screening, so you can get checked regularly and catch it early if it should happen.

Symptoms of oral cancer can include swollen gums, soreness, redness and irritation, red or white patches, pain, lumps in your mouth, difficulty chewing, and the way your teeth are aligned. If you feel you are experiencing any indicators, please be sure to contact your dentist, Dr. Bruce Westover right away, so you can get the proper screening.

Smoking, drinking and any other method of tobacco use will also increase your risk of oral cancer dramatically. That is why it is imperative to avoid tobacco at all costs. If you still have questions or would like a professional dental checkup so you can have your oral cancer screening, call us today at 928-634-5566 to set up an appointment. Our professional dental team is always happy to help you and your smile stay healthy for years to come.