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If you have suffered tooth loss in the past, did you know that the gap left behind can cause damage to your remaining teeth? One of the reasons is because a gap in your smile can destabilize your gums and cause your other teeth to loosen and shift. Another reason is because the area could become infected or exist as a safe-haven for bacteria to grow.

Save your smile by restoring lost teeth with dental bridges. Here are some benefits to consider:

– A smile with lost teeth will appear more shallow and older. Dental bridges can restore your facial structure.
– Missing teeth can affect your speech patterns and your ability to eat solid foods. Filling in the voids between missing teeth can restore your mouth’s ability to function properly in these critical areas.
– When your teeth slide around your gums, it can cause malocclusions that can misalign your smile. Straightening your teeth with orthodontic treatments could take years. Prevent slippage by replacing missing teeth with dental bridges.
– Dental bridges can last anywhere from a decade to a lifetime with proper care.

No matter which tooth replacement service you desire, Dr. Bruce Westover and our team at Dr. Bruce Westover will make sure that your missing or lost teeth are properly replaced. To schedule an oral exam at our dentist office in Cottonwood, Arizona, please contact us at 928-634-5566. The path to a healthy smile starts today!