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Never assume your teeth and gums are safe just because you’re following daily routines and doing what you’ve always done. Even if you have not suffered any form of oral accident or injury due to your lifestyle choices, it does not mean they can’t potentially do damage your teeth later. Be aware of all potential tooth hazards and make the necessary changes to protect your teeth for future oral health care success.

It’s always a good idea to exercise caution with all aspects of your life. Numerous unhealthy habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco can easily damage your smile. By partaking in risks such as smoking or chewing tobacco, you can potentially stain your teeth, cause tooth loss to occur, and even lead to cancer. Always exercise caution by avoiding unhealthy hazards in your day-to-day life.

Keeping your smile safe includes avoiding bad habits that may easily damage your teeth. This can include chewing on inedible products and biting your nails. If you bite into products such as pencils or pen caps, you can easily cause dental damage to occur. Oral accidents and injuries in the form of chips and cracks in your teeth, gums lacerations, and even potential tooth loss can arise.

To keep your smile at its best, always look for healthy products that can strengthen your tooth enamel. However, it is also important to avoid unhealthy products that could potentially cause damage to your teeth and gums. Be aware that drinking products such as coffee, red wine or white wine can damage your teeth and lead to stains and discolorations. They can also leave your teeth porous and vulnerable to future erosion due to acids in the products.

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