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Do you ever wonder if there is a way to eliminate your tooth sensitivity? If so, our Dr. Bruce Westover team is thrilled to tell you that there is! Actually, there are five different treatments that can help with sensitivity, and those treatments are:

· Desensitizing toothpaste: Desensitizing toothpaste is a great product that can help your tooth sensitivity after you have used it multiple times. The compound in the paste can cover and block the pathways that lead to the nerve of the tooth, therefore reducing the sensitivity.
· Fluoride gel: Fluoride gel is available at our office and it helps strengthen your tooth enamel and also block the pathways to your chompers’ nerves.
· Dental work: There are many dental treatments that can help with tooth sensitivity, like dental crowns, dental inlays, and dental bonding. These treatments can be used to correct a flaw in a tooth or they can eliminate tooth decay from the smile.
· Surgical gum graft: If your gums have shriveled away from your tooth, exposing the root, then a surgical gum graft may be the best option. The graft will move the gums back into place and will protect the root as well as reduce sensitivity.
· Root canal treatment: Root canal therapy is used if the other treatments fail to work. However, this treatment will be sure to eliminate your sensitivity.

If you are interested in knowing more about one or more of these beneficial treatments, please remember that you can always call Dr. Bruce Westover at 928-634-5566 and talk to our caring dental team. We are also happy to meet with you, examine your chompers, and decide how to eliminate your sensitivity if you just schedule an appointment with Dr. Bruce Westover at your earliest convenience. We are happy to help you!