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Advanced periodontal disease can cause bone loss in the bones that anchor your teeth into your jaw. Over time this can cause the loss of multiple teeth, leading some people to opt for multiple extractions and dentures.

One of the more common complaints with dentures is that they can sometimes feel loose or slip while eating. While a denture adhesive can help secure dentures in place, some people might find they want something even more firm.

Removable implant-supported tooth replacements, or denture implants essentially create four to six anchors in your jaw. A custom set of dentures can then be created that will lock into these anchors giving you a much tighter grip than you can get with adhesive alone.

If advanced periodontal disease was the root cause of your initial tooth loss, then chances are good you will need a bone graft procedure to give you back enough bone to anchor the abutment anchors.

The first step in the process requires a series of X-rays or a CT scan performed to better assess how much bone is left and just what kind of placement procedures you might need.

Once you have enough bone to anchor the abutments, your periodontist will create four to six channels in the bone material to anchor them. While the abutments fuse to the bone, your periodontist will craft a new set of durable dentures. These are custom designed to clip into the abutments for a strong tight fit.

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