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We hope that our office is a fun place for you and your family. When you get a dental crown with us, the service will typically take a couple of appointments. Here’s a breakdown on what you can expect in your first dental crown visit with us.
To prep you to receive your dental crown, Dr. Bruce Westover will look at the roots of your teeth and the surrounding bone tissue using X-rays. When the teeth or bone are excessively in poor shape, we may elect to perform a root canal before fitting a dental crown. We will then numb the tooth or pearly whites that are to receive the crown(s). To aid the fit of the crown, we will reshape the tooth’s surface and its sides. When sizable patches of the tooth or pearly whites are gone, we may choose to fill in the tooth before fitting the crown. When you are fitted for a porcelain filling in our office, Dr. Bruce Westover will match the shade of porcelain to the shade of your pearly whites.
Set a date for your visit with Dr. Bruce Westover by dialing 928-634-5566 now, and the Dr. Bruce Westover team in Cottonwood, Arizona, will take care of you. And please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any important concerns or questions we can help with!